Below are notes from this afternoon’s press conference regarding the Benoit family tragedy. This report was written by Richard Gray of

Lt. Tommy Pope:

– Benoit’s wife Nancy was murdered Friday by asphyxiation. She was in the office area of the house, dead, for close to a day

– Benoit’s son Daniel was murdered Saturday by asphyxiation. Daniel was confirmed to be in his bed when law enforcement officials found him.

– Chris Benoit committed suicide late Saturday early Sunday. No type of suicide note or anything in the house was located.

– Authorities are still waiting further results from crime lab and toxicology reports which could take several weeks to get back.

– Only one prior arrest of Chris Benoit is known. It was allegedly for a DUI, but nothing can be confirmed. There is no knowledge at this time if there was a history of domestic violence with Chris Benoit. It was also not know whether or not a divorce had been filed.

– Lots of prescription medications found in Benoit’s house that police believe to be legal prescriptions at this time. However, he then said that police found anabolic steroids but would not say what all they found without a full list.

Police would not release a motive at this time.

– Law enforcement officials reported that Benoit text messaged a co-worker, which was received several hours after it was sent; contents of the message were not revealed. It was also not confirmed who the message was sent too, other than a co-worker.

– Steroids were not directly related to any of the deaths, police are unable to answer what Chris Benoit’s state of mind was during the killings.

District Attorney Scott Ballard:

– Bibles found by both victims, Nancy and Daniel Benoit.

– Nancy was found with her wrist and feet bound, she was on her feet, with blood under her head. That was the only sign of a struggle (the blood under her head). She was wrapped in a towel.

– Both victims were found clothed.

– Ballard said that he was told in 2003 a temporary protective order was sought and later dismissed. Ballard said that orders are typically for domestic violence, but not always.

– Ballard said that he is baffled why anyone would kill a 7 year old kid, but has no idea of the motive.

– Ballard said that there was no evidence that Chris Benoit was trying to hide the bodies. It is unknown if the Benoits have family in the area but they do have other family.

– Ballard said that he is not aware of any 911 calls and he has not personally talked to World Wrestling Entertainment.

– The three bodies were found in three different rooms, according to DA Ballard.

– Daniel Benoit’s body was found in his bed in his upstairs bedroom.

– Nancy Benoit’s body was in what looked to be in a family room upstairs.

– Chris Benoit’s body was found downstairs in the house in a weight room. Benoit was hung by a cord attached to a pulley used in weight lifting.

– Nothing further is known about the family emergency that Chris Benoit told WWE that he had to deal with.

– The next step in the investigation will be the toxicology reports. At this point, they are pretty clear it was a murder-suicide. Authorities need to get toxicology reports back to draw a firm confusion. Steroids were found but authorities can’t confirm he was on steroids. It could take several weeks to get toxicology reports.

– Ballard confirms that Bibles were found by each of the two victims, he did not know if they were identical or opened.


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