Today’s Forum Thread of the Day comes from ohiohunter2 and explores the subject of fade bias drivers currently on the market. Looking for a driver that sits a little open and is anti-hook, our members give ohiohunter2 their best suggestions.

Here are a few posts from the thread, but make sure to check out the entire discussion and have your say at the link below.

  • Mcgeeno: “Cobra LTD pro is as anti-hook as it gets IMO. Looks good and sounds good too. Legit price on the nowadays. I use one if I’m getting extra hooky now and again haha.”
  • c7015: “I’ve always found Taylor products fade very well. I went to a demo day and tried most of everything; I was fit to an M6 and able to hit a slider fade all day long. Ultimately I went with a TS3, it has a slight draw bias in stock configuration but very neutral when set up with the weights in fade position (for me at least.)”
  • 1Mordrid1: “M1 440 seemed to be very fade biased for me.”
  • Z1ggy16: “Another vote for Cobra Ltd pro. I could not turn that over if I tried. And if I did, it was a snap hook. If you want something new, then probably g410 lst with the weight out near the toe… Maybe even m5 with both weights out on the toe, too.”

Entire Thread: “Best fade bias drivers?”

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