Former WWE Superstar Harry “D.H.” Smith, son of the late WWE legend “The British Bulldog” Davey Boy Smith, wrote the following on social media about health issues he is having.

“I have the unfortunate news to my fans in UK and Wales that I will not be at this weekend comic convention in Wales with FPW.

I had to go to Emergency at 4 am with breathing complications, from tounsilitis. Also have sever trouble speaking, and swallowing. With more medical attention I have learned it is a peritonsillar abscess behind the tounsil. Inflaming my Tounsils, throat and causing problems with breathing swallowing and talking. I have been in the hospital all day – real fun, and don’t feel any better. Tomorrow I will be needing an incision to drain the puss, and more anti biotics via IV.

I hope to be back in action soon wrestling. Right now I can not do anything.”

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