— Former WWE Diva Kara “Cherry” Drew issued a statement to a fansite on her, www.Cherry-Web.org, updating fans on how she’s doing nowadays. Drew, who was released by World Wrestling Entertainment this past August, is still reeling from her untimely firing from the organization as she “lost her dream.”

“Since being released from the WWE, I’ve had a hard time dealing with losing my dream,” Cherry wrote. “I have been very lucky to work for some independent shows, where I am to still able to talk and perform for some of you. I really appreciate the support that I’ve received in regards to my release. But to be honest with all of you, I really miss being able to entertain and connect with you on a much broader scale. I also miss competing and performing with my nearest and dearest friends from the WWE.”

Cherry added that she was ‘devastated’ when she found out she was being let go from WWE. She also touches upon internet reports regarding the reasons for her departure from the organization, which have greatly upset her.

“In addition to that, two other reasons were leaked out as to why I was released. Although, I know what happened, it’s very hurtful to hear these things being said. I’ve had my struggles getting to the WWE, and being able to maintain my position as a Diva. It is an extremely competitive career in more ways than anyone can imagine.. It really messes with someone emotions when people want to say such hurtful things. I am not a cartoon character; I am a real person with real emotions.”

As reported last week, Cherry is taking a break from the wrestling business to focus on her education. She was scheduled to appear at a women’s wrestling indy show next month, but informed the promoter she was taking a break from the wrestling business at the end of 2008. Her decision to put wrestling on hold for the time being is due to three reasons.

When Cherry was released from WWE, a report from the Wrestling Observer Newsletter surfaced online regarding her dismissal from the company. A reason wasn’t really given, but it was reported that Cherry was said to not be a favorite among the higher-ups because they didn’t think she was thin enough to be a WWE Diva, and that she only got her spot in the company because she fit in well with the Deuce & Domino act in Ohio Valley Wrestling. Also, most of the women in WWE are there for either bikini spreads or because they wrestle well, and management thought she didn’t fit either category particularly well.

Since her departure from WWE, Cherry has made a number of appearances at wrestling conventions and indy shows meeting the fans. However, a number of these fans continue to bring up her physical appearance and correlate it with the reason for her dismissal from WWE when meeting her, likely due to that original online report. While the fans mean well, the constant comments regarding her weight have caused her emotional stress. As a result, it’s one of the reasons she’s pulling away from wrestling for now.

“This brings me to my decision to put wrestling on hold for now. It has become tremendously hard for me to continue knowing the comments about my weight are being recognized. I have to look at myself everyday in the mirror, and just being a girl, I am hard enough on myself! Meeting the fans and taking pictures or signing autographs was such a special thing for me. Lately, it has become emotionally stressful because so many people, meaning well, have continued to bring up my physical appearance and directly correlate that with my release from WWE.”

Another reason Cherry is putting wrestling on hold is because she believes she isn’t viewed as a wrestler.

“Another reason was that I wasn’t viewed as a wrestler. Let me tell you something, I’ve had years of experience and came out of the best WWE training facility learning from the top trainers in this entertainment industry. Please don’t believe that “Cherry” didn’t know what she was doing when she entered that squared circle. I learned more and more each day. I never stopped learning. I had the greatest advantage of having an amazing wrestler in his own right, Fit Finley, willing to allow me to monopolize his mind of knowledge as well as so many other talented wrestlers at the palm of my hand. I am truly grateful for having that opportunity. I live, talk, dream, and breath wrestling. But these obstacles need to be addressed if I want to ever continue.”

Regarding her third reason for leaving wrestling, Cherry offered some cryptic comments apparently having to do with some behind-the-scenes issues. It would appear that the people she thought were her friends wanted to do more than just “business” with her. This made it difficult for her to continue her wrestling career.

“The other reason being that I feel betrayed by people who I thought were my friends. I turned to them in my time of need to try and continue wrestling but it was turned into a childish petty way of doing business. It made it very hard for me to continue. Business is business until someone tries to make it something other than that…..WEIRD!”

Cherry adds more insight on why she’s leaving. “Although, I find the daily struggles I have need more attention and I need to start dealing with those things within myself,” Cherry wrote. “It has been truly a tremendously hard decision. There is nothing more that I would want to do then to continue performing in the greatest ring for the greatest fans. Like a very great friend of mine once said, “You can love wrestling with all your heart, but it won’t always love you back.”

You can read her statement in its entirety at the following link.

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