World Wrestling Insanity is proud to welcome the new audio show that’s so cool, it’s frozen. James Guttman joins former WCW Star Ray “Glacier” Lloyd to bring you the 52 minute debut of “Breaking The Ice”. From backstage work in TNA to acting to his academic achievements in the fitness world, Lloyd has a perspective that’s unique to all others. In the first BTI episode, JG and Ray discuss drugs in wrestling, details on WCW contracts, young wrestlers with a sense of entitlement, his run with UWFI, the Japanese mind games they played, memories of Gary Albright, advice for rookie hopefuls, learning from Lou Thesz, the Blood Runs Cold gimmick, wrestlers gaining weight after retirement, Eric Bischoff, Billy Robinson, Team 3D, Marc Mero, Ricky Steamboat, and tons more.

Ray Lloyd and James Guttman kick things off by talking about his new venture – Partnering with Visalus – the same company Hulk Hogan is currently working with – Ray, is bringing his academic and real world experience to helping others get fit. A former health teacher, Lloyd has a history of leading people in a healthier direction. He speaks with James Guttman about keeping positive and fit even though his full time of being on television is over. JG then asks about the negative stigma wrestling has. After all, the business sometimes gets labeled more by those who fall rather than those who succeed outside of it. As Glacier explains to members, he and others like DDP and Marc Mero work hard to change the minds of doubters through example.

“We know that this is a stereotype and a stigma. We’re here to say, “Hey. We didn’t all end up like Mickey Rourke’s character in The Wrestler.” There a lot of us that are doing good out there and I think as long as we stay the course and keep on doing what we’re doing, they’ll see because of you being able to allow me to have a forum like this, so people get to hear our story and know there’s a different side to wrestling. I think it’s starting to make a shift now because you’re starting to hear more and more of those stories.”

Ray’s aware that not everything is roses in wrestling. Through his debut show, he talks about others he has come in contact with from his days in UWFI to WCW to TNA and everywhere in between. Not everything ends well, as he explains to James Guttman.

“One of my best friends in the whole wrestling business was Chris Kanyon and Chris had a very tragic end to his life. I wish – trust me, you have no idea – one of the worst things I have to deal with is that we tried. Me, Jim Mitchell, and everyone close him – we all tried. You do all you can do and sometimes it’s not enough. And it hurts me to no end because, the hardest part for me of losing Chris was – I was married once before, I’m not married now. But I certainly hope to get married again and have one child before I get too old. But one of the things I took for granted that I’d be able to do is introduce my kid to the guy I had some of the best matches of my career against. Now I can’t do that.”

His matches with Chris were part of the memorable Blood Runs Cold storyline in World Championship Wrestling. Glacier first debuted in WCW in a huge way. Fans still remember his vignettes and spectacular entrance. But Lloyd keeps it all in perspective. His opportunities were based on talent, but also on timing and the belief of another former guest…

“I was so fortunate. I was there for the greatest period of wrestling. I was a solid member of one of the greatest rosters in wrestling history. It was a great time to be in the business and I was strictly a victim of good timing. I was there in the right time at the right place. Somebody, who was luckily president of the company, (Eric) Bischoff believed in me and gave me a run. He said, “Here. Take the ball and run with it.” Of course, being up against the N.W.O., which was one of the biggest things to hit wrestling, and hold our own – me, Kanyon, Bryan Clarke, Jim Mitchell, Ernest Miller – that was a huge mountain to climb. We did a heck of a job. We over delivered in everything that was asked of us. But I had a run at the level for five years. Man. I thank God every day. Because I knew guys who were just as deserving as I was and ertainly just as good as I was that never ever saw one day on TV.”

Ray’s career may be most well known for his high profile run in WCW – which he speaks about throughout the show. But he’s worked in other companies too. Most recently, he was with TNA. One thing that struck him was pay. Fans assume young wrestlers make tons of money. Many young wrestlers assume they should be making tons of money too. But, at the end of the day, it’s not about being handed anything. Much like his days in WCW, it’s about timing and intangibles that you might not control. Above all, he tells members, it’s not about money…

“Even in TNA, so many guys were on a per-match deal, most people don’t realize that. I know from when I was there and worked behind the scenes. It’s amazing how little some of these guys make that are on TV.”

James says that TNA is a good place for stars to get exposure and learn to work to TV cameras, but not to get rich. He and Ray discuss how more need to see it that way.

“I think one of the things about younger wrestlers now is that they’re so impatient. They think (they deserve success) just because they got trained by so-and-so. The level of commitment – and I always promised myself I’d never be that guy that says, “Yeah, back when I was wrestling.” (laughs) And no one wants to hear that. Including me… Guys now, they get trained, they’re in the business a year, some of them, and they start to become bitter because somehow they haven’t gotten this break that they felt they deserve…I was in the business three months shy of nine years when I got my deal with WCW.”

The 52 minute debut edition of Ray “Glacier” Lloyd’s “Breaking The Ice” on doesn’t end there. Ray joins Paul Roma’s Glorious, Bull Buchanan’s Bullpen, Fifi The Maid’s “Club For The Gold” and many other star-hosted audios, not to mention hundreds of interviews with top stars available to members the moment they log in!

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