If you are one of the many fans skeptical of the John Cena-Nikki Bella relationship drama then Bella does not want to hear about it from you.  Fans on Instagram have been flooding her comments and calling her break up a stunt to boost the ratings for Total Bellas.
One person said, “I used to be a huge fan. But, your breakup was too coincidental. It seems like it was all for ratings. Very disappointed.”
Bella saw the comment and she responded, “Sad that my break up has to be “good” timing for all of you. I forgot I’m not allowed to just live my life. What blows my mind is that people like you would even think I would do this for ratings or a show, don’t you think a wedding would have done a much better job?? So unreal. Done with the hate. So happy I have a Bella Army on here that is SO loving and supportive!”

Brie Bella chimed in: “The sunshine will come out soon and the haters who think they know the truth will leave with the storm!!”
Some fans were quick to point out that the big proposal happened at WrestleMania and no one would have known about their break up if it wasn’t announced by them on social media.
This week, several media outlets have confirmed that they are together and we’ve heard that there are plans for a wedding later this year. The E! Network is covering the costs because the wedding will be televised, likely for next season. There are many in WWE that believe that most of the drama is fake for the cameras. No one seems to know for sure but the consensus seems to be that the break-up was real (by the way, there was another brief break-up back in January) but they got back together quickly but they wanted to milk it for the cameras ahead of the Total Bellas premiere.
One thing is for sure… the Total Bellas viewership has hit an all-time low this season so none of this drama has worked and some would say that, if they faked any of this, it has blown up in their face.


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