Prints are making their way into menswear for the Fall 2021 season – and not just any prints. Designers have turned their attention to abstracted forms, shapes and patterns in constructing both loungewear and casualwear for men.

Moschino integrated painterly themes throughout its collection, creating suiting, outerwear and trousers that all feature monochromatic patterns that appear as broad brush strokes across a canvas. Across the spectrum, A-Cold-Wall took a slightly more figural approach with patterns comprised of varying shapes across a minimalist color palette.

Louis Vuitton and A-Cold-Wall, Fall 2021

Louis Vuitton followed the trend with blocks of color spread across garments, also as though painted on, while both Etro and MSGM veered toward the figural with repetitive patterns in shapely forms. Fendi fell somewhere in between, creating repeating patterns of abstracted forms.

Prints are nothing new to menswear, as brands have been integrating more and more color variations and patterns into clothing and consumers are becoming more interested in bold design. As we move into Fall 2021, we are seeing prints becoming more art-inspired, with conceptual and daring inspirations.

The abstract prints to look out for in Fall 2021

Prints are becoming increasingly bold as we approach Fall 2021. Buyers should keep an eye out for artistic or conceptual forms, larger shapes and monochromatic or minimalist palettes that favor configurations rather than varying colors.

Images: Unsplash, Louis Vuitton and A-Cold-Wall (Fall2021), Catwalk Images

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