In an interview this past week with Monday Night Mayhem (, Eric Bischoff commented on the chances of Bryan Danielson and Paul Heyman joining TNA Wrestling, among other topics. Here are highlights from the interview.

Bryan Danielson: “I guess a lot of that would have to do with Bryan Danielson and whether he would want to come work for TNA. I don’t know that answer to that, and I haven’t had any conversations with him. I don’t have an idea about what Bryan Danielson is thinking about in terms of his next move. I’m sure if TNA wanted Bryan and he was interested in working for TNA, I’m sure TNA could find a way to do it, given they haven’t much trouble signing other big names in the last six months or so.”

Professional wrestling being compared to mixed martial arts: “People have a tendency to wanna compare MMA to professional wrestling, and for the life of me, I just can’t figure out why. It’s not even apples & oranges as I’ve said before, it’s apples & bricks. One is a real sport & the other is scripted entertainment, and beyond that, if anyone can point out any similarities between the two and why wrestling should modify its business model based on what’s happening in MMA, I would be very interested in hearing it, because last time I checked, they are two entirely different products.”

Paul Heyman: “I’ve heard the Paul Heyman rumor over the last few months, and I know that Paul has talked to Dixie [Carter] so there has been some conversation, but I don’t know what Paul’s plans really are. I don’t talk to Paul on a daily basis, and if Paul was to join TNA, I think it’ll be a big asset, but I don’t know what his immediate plans are.”

TNA’s Victory Road pay-per-view: “I think the Heavyweight Title Match is intriguing. Love watching RVD, love watching Ken Anderson. I’m a big Anderson fan. Jeff Hardy & Abyss; it’s gonna be great. I’m a huge Kurt Angle fan, and I love what he’s doing, and that he pulled himself out of the Top 10 rankings, and is working his way up the ladder. So I find that match (Angle vs. “The Pope” D’Angelo Dinero) the one I’m looking forward to the most.”

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