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Early Odds have emerged via SkyBet for the Greatest Royal Rumble, being held in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia on April 27 and will be broadcast on the WWE Network. In addition to the 50 Man Rumble, The Universal and Intercontinental title matches both have odds set. The current top favorability in the Rumble is with Braun Strowman. The least most favored is Strowman’s former tag team partner Nicholas, where $100 would win $10000. Nicholas, of course, is not booked at this event and this wager is simply an amusing novelty. Other wrestlers with better than average odds include Bobby Lashley, Daniel Bryan, Rey Mysterio and Elias.

Also projected is a major title change in the steel cage match between Universal Champion Brock Lesnar and Roman Reigns. The brevity of Lesnar’s new contract is the presumable driver of Roman being the favorite. In the IC ladder match the Champion, Seth Rollins, is the favorite right now, but only by a thin margin. The Miz has the next best chances to win, followed by Finn Balor and Samoa Joe.

A quick explanation on reading the moneyline betting odds below is actually very simple to understand. The minus signs indicate the favorite and the plus signs represent the underdogs. The number after the plus or minus tells us how favorable or unfavorable the competitors are. In the case of the Royal Rumble, all choices are listed as underdogs, but some have more favorable odds than others.

Greatest Royal Rumble 2018
Braun Strowman +500
Bobby Lashley +600
Daniel Bryan +700
Rey Mysterio +1000
Elias +1100
Chris Jericho +1400
Baron Corbin +1600
The Great Khali +1600
The Big Show +1800
Kane +2000
The Undertaker +2000
Bray Wyatt +2200
Dolph Ziggler +2200
John Cena +2500
Triple H +2500
Kurt Angle +3300
Mojo Rawley +5000
Apollo +6600
Big E +6600
Chad Gable +6600
Goldust +6600
Kofi Kingston +6600
Shelton Benjamin +6600
Sin Cara +6600
Titus O’Neill +6600
Xavier Woods +6600
Nicholas +10000

Universal Championship – Steel Cage Match
Brock Lesnar(c) +400 vs Roman Reigns -700

Intercontinental Championship – Fatal Four Way Ladder Match
Seth Rollins(c) -137 vs The Miz +333 vs Finn Balor +500 vs Samoa Joe +600

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