– Hacksaw Jim Duggan was recently interviewed by independent wrestler Hannibal, and Duggan expanded on comments he made last year about Brock Lesnar being reckless in the ring. The WWE Hall of Famer explained that Lesnar’s in-ring work reminds him of The Steiner Brothers back in the day. Duggan says members of WWE’s injury-plagued roster need to take better care of each other in the ring in order to keep working.

– John Cena was interviewed by The Wrap to promote his new show on FOX, American Grit, which premiered on Thursday. Cena discussed The Rock’s success outside of wrestling, saying that he can “only hope to be mentioned in the same conversation as him.” Cena praised the Rock for continuing to return to WWE when he doesn’t have to.

“Dwayne [Johnson] never forgets the passionate fans of the WWE, never forgets what the WWE did for him as a human being,” Cena said. “He’s a stand-up guy, and the fact he’s succeeded in so many ventures in life and still always finds his way back ‘home’ — as I like to say — it’s extremely impressive, it speaks volumes of him and his character.”

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