PEOPLE confirmed on November 2 that Kruger and Reedus had welcomed their first child together but the couple kept all details of her birth private. Reedus also shares 19-year-old son, Mingus Lucien with his ex Helena Christensen.

Of the new dad’s interactions with their baby, Kruger gushed to reporters on Monday and said that Reedus is “very great with her.”

“He just looks at her with unconditional love,” she shared, before joking, “I wish he would look at me like that.”

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It’s not just Reedus, 50, who has embraced his new role in the baby girl’s life. Kruger also revealed that Mingus has taken to becoming an older sibling very well.

“He’s great! You know 19 years is a big gap so he’s really like stepping up to be this protective big brother,” Kruger said.

Though she’s been soaking up every moment of motherhood, Kruger explained that she has no plans to expand her family further.

“No. I’m done,” before adding, “Norman has a 19-year-old son so I think our family is pretty much complete.”

The fiercely private couple haven’t yet disclosed their little one’s name — in part because Kruger and Reedus are concerned about their daughter’s safety. (In January, Kruger made an emotional appeal to her fans after photos of herself with her baby were leaked without her permission.)

“Well first and above all, it’s safety,” Kruger told PEOPLE. “We have

Elaborating about the challenges that come with admirers of her boyfriend’s zombie series, Kruger added, “We had a couple [of] incidences before her arrival that were not so fun to deal with and so my main concern’s her safety.”

“And secondly, she is an innocent, young, vulnerable baby and I think I just don’t understand why America doesn’t have better laws for children,” she continued.

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Kruger, who has previously been open about losing the baby weight, also revealed that she’s been exercising since giving birth. “I mean it’s discipline for sure but I was a ballet dancer so all my life I’ve been sort of active,” she said.

“It just sort of happened by itself pretty much,” Kruger added. “I mean, I worked out.”

As for the best part of motherhood? “Everything. It’s awesome,” Kruger told reporters. “The whole thing is great.”


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