Inspired by the ancient civilizations referenced in the Spring/Summer 09 Collections, Dazed & Confused this month summons ‘Divine Power’ and sets about channeling everything that is awe-inspiringly ancient and majestic about the worlds of fashion, art, music and film at the moment.

Model of the moment Lakshmi, creative director Nicola Formichetti and photographer Josh Olins combine their godlike touch to create the issue’s highly dramatic cover shoot, while fashion editor Katie Shillingford gained access to the inner circle of Stonehenge for her unprecedented shoot with photographer Mel Bles. Acclaimed photographer Ellen Von Unwerth meanwhile makes for the town of Bedrock in her Flintstones-inspired shoot with stylist Joanna Schlenzka.

Legendary outsider artist Joe Coleman invites Dazed into his Brooklyn chamber of horrors, to reveal the latest in his series of incredibly detailed paintings that explore the darkness at the heart of American history. Iconic female musician PJ Harvey returns to her mermaid fashion mistakes with longtime collaborator John Parish, while man of the moment Jim Sturgess reveals what it’s really like to research a film role at a Belfast house party with a bunch of IRA heavies.

For those of a design bent, this issue of Dazed & Confused also proudly introduces a new bespoke typeface called Dazedface to the world. Created by the Dazed design department for the exclusive use of the magazine, Dazedface is employed throughout the magazine, predominantly in headlines and the fashion section.

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Image: Dazed April cover

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