As noted, David Otunga recently dealt with a knife-wielding thief going through his car in an incident that was picked up and covered by multiple mainstream media outlets.

TMZ Sports recently caught up with the WWE Superstar and broadcast team member to talk to him about the incident. Featured below are some of the highlights from the interview.

On how the incident started: “I go and I open the driver’s side door to get in and there’s a guy sitting in my car, and he’s nervous, because when I opened the door I’m startled to see somebody and he’s startled to see me obviously. I couldn’t see anybody because of the window tints. So dude jumps up and he’s in my face, and in my mind I’m like, ‘Holy crap!’ There’s all this stuff going through my head. I’m like, ‘OK, does he have a gun, a knife? He has to have something.’ And because it’s in a parking garage, the spaces are tight so there’s just this little bit of room we’re both standing in. I’m like, ‘If he’s got anything, he’s going to get me. … I’ve got to strike first.’ All of this is going through my mind. So I go to yoke him up and dude just starts pleading with me, ‘No, no, I’m sorry, please don’t hit me, don’t hit me, don’t hurt me, I’m sorry, I’m sorry.’ He just goes to pieces on me. He’s like, ‘Look, I was just trying to steal some things to sell to make some money, I’m sorry. Here, here, here is your stuff.’ So I’m standing there and I almost feel bad for him. I’m so pissed off, ready to tear dude’s head off, and he’s pleading with me. So, I shoved him and he ran off, gave me my stuff back and took off.”

On fearing for his safety despite being a big, athletic guy: “Yeah, oh no, absolutely. In that situation it was a fight or flight response. It happens so fast but it seems like everything slows down. I was like, ‘This guy could kill me, I got to get him, I got to get him. That’s it.’ You always wonder what you’re going to do in that situation but when you’re in it and you’re confronted with it, you just act. You have to. It’s just a protective instinct in me and I had to get him.”

On finding the thief’s knife in the car after he ran off: “Once I chased the guy away, I get in the car and the car is trashed, he threw my stuff everywhere. There’s a knife sitting right there, in the center console, like out. The dude had a knife, he could’ve stabbed me, he could’ve tried it, but he didn’t I mean, that was the biggest thing and I just thank God it wasn’t my time. Also, that further reinforces the fact that I had to strike when I did because had he been holding the knife, that could’ve been it.”

Check out the complete David Otunga interview with TMZ Sports below.

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