The following are highlights of a new Sporting News interview with Daniel Bryan:

On if he feels he has won over Vince McMahon: “You know, yes but I don’t know to what degree. You know what I mean? Does he think I should ever main event another WrestleMania? I would say probably not. (laughs) It’s interesting. I think he likes me, he sees me as a valuable performer. He sees me as someone who makes the company money. But I still don’t think he will ever see me as ‘the guy’ in the way he sees John Cena as ‘the guy’ or in the way he potentially sees Roman Reigns as ‘the guy’. To this day, I still don’t think he sees me like that.”

On if his injuries has prevented him from being the man in WWE: “Yeah, that has hurt me a lot as far as that goes. It would be interesting to have seen what would have happened had I not had my neck surgery shortly after WrestleMania last year. And when I say that, when I say he doesn’t see me as ‘the guy’, I’m not blaming him. He has good reason to not see me as ‘the guy’. Right? (laughs) There’s plenty of reasons for me to not be ‘the guy’. But that doesn’t mean he doesn’t see me as a valuable performer.”

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