U.S. public lands and ocean regions already under lease for fossil fuel extraction will be producing coal, oil, and gas decades beyond the point at which scientists predict the world will surpass the temperature targets set out in the Paris climate agreement.

This means that even without the additional fossil fuel leases still on the auction block, the U.S. is already on course to drastically renege on its climate promises.

That’s the conclusion of a recent analysis of federal data (pdf) done by EcoShift Consulting for conservation groups Friends of the Earth and Center for Biological Diversity, which bolsters arguments that say the U.S. must keep fossil fuels in the ground.

Their report, , supports “the growing call to President Obama by hundreds of organizations to immediately halt new federal fossil fuel leasing—a step that will keep up to 450 billion tons of potential carbon pollution from reaching the atmosphere,” the Center for Biological Diversity notes in a statement.