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The recently released Rob Conway was asked on a recent online radio show about the possibility of him joining TNA. Conway said that he can’t speak to them yet (he has a 90 day no-compete clause), but as a wrestler “that’s what I do, I wrestle. You want to find a place to do what you do and do it on television.” He says that “we all watched it on TV.” He also added, “If they come calling, I’m gonna have an open ear.”

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Several people who were backing Austin Starr in his political riff with TNA management are said to be disappointed in how he handled himself with them. In a recent interview, Jeremy Borash said that he lobbied for Starr to be hired and now regrets doing it based on Starr’s recent conduct and attitude. On the otherhand, Alex Shelley, who has been equally frustrated at times, has been better at handling himself with TNA management. He’s not thrilled with how TNA books his character, but he doesn’t complain about it, not to mention that he always does what they tell him to do.

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