— WWE has printed a SummerSlam T-shirt featuring the top matches and they have a CM Punk vs. JBL World Title match listed.

— The entire locker room was kept in the dark last week regarding the announcement of the new General Manager of Raw. When Mike Adamle was named the new General Manager last Monday, it came as a total surprise to everyone in the company. John Cena was as surprised as anyone by the move. He was said to be “especially stunned” as he wasn’t in on who it was going to be until it was announced live on television.

— To sell his beatdown from Edge last week, Mick Foley is expected to miss tomorrow night’s SmackDown taping, but it isn’t certain. To reiterate earlier reports, his WWE contract expires shortly and long-term, his role as the color commentator of Smackdown appears to be in question.

See screencaps of the confiscated sign from Saturday Night’s Main Event! (>>)

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