– The bar that CM Punk walked into on RAW was The Pilot Inn in Greenwich, about a 10 minute walk from the O2 Arena. A reader who was at the pub when Punk and the WWE camera crew arrived says Punk did not have any fish & chips like he said because the bar wasn’t serving food at that time.

The WWE website continues to speculate whether Punk drank alcohol while at the bar and says we’ll find out more about Punk’s struggle to remain sober on next week’s 3-hour show.

– Kevin Nash is the latest WWE legend to publicly endorse WWE Champion CM Punk. Nash tweeted after RAW:

“just got done with Raw.Punk needs to keep the belt at least till next May”

A fan replied that WWE would never have anyone hold the WWE Title for that long. Nash replied:

“what is old is now new. let him have that love affair with the fans make them pat to see him get beat make it epic. Make a heel”

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