— TimesColonist.com reports that no charges will be filed against Chris Jericho after last month’s altercation where the WWE superstar was swarmed by heckling fans and accused of punching a woman. After Victoria police interviewed several witnesses and watched hours of video recordings of the incident, police spokesman Sgt. Grant Hamilton says no charges will be filed beceause there were conflicting stories and “It’s hard to determine who provoked who.”

— IGN.com has posted their official review of the new “WWE Legends of WrestleMania” video game and it’s not pretty. The game was given a 6.5/10 rating, which they deem as “passable.” Reviewer Greg Miller’s review summary reads, “WWE Legends of WrestleMania is kind of just there. The historic videos are great, Road to WrestleMania is an interesting idea and who doesn’t love seeing the Ultimate Warrior back in the ring? Still, the actual gameplay falls short in this one. The matches aren’t that exciting, the controls are lacking, little nuances are missing and this just doesn’t feel like a solid WWE offering.” You can read Greg’s full review at IGN.com.

** VIDEO: CHRIS JERICHO Attacks Female Fan After WWE Live Event (Direct Link)

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