— WWE star Chris Jericho is getting tired of TMZ.com’s ongoing coverage of his and Gregory Helms’ arrest last Wednesday for public intoxication. Earlier today, TMZ posted an update, noting that Greg Helms was in possession of a Soma pill (a muscle relaxer and a schedule four narcotic) at the time of his arrest and was unable to produce a prescription for it at the time.

Jericho posted a message on Twitter in response to TMZ’s latest coverage: “This just in TMZ charged with beating a dead horse and grasping at straws.” To read more tweets from Jericho, visit PWTweets.com.

— Movie website Cinematical.com features a fan rant questioning the success of Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson’s movie career. The article flashes back to Johnson’s 2003 action movie “The Rundown,” which featured a cameo from Arnold Schwarzenegger, who told Johnson to “Have fun” in a symbolic passing of the “action hero” torch. Since then, Johnson has only done two other action movies (Walking Tall and Doom) and has settled into a career of comedies and kids movies.

The author questions whether the era of action movie stars is over and suggests that The Rock’s upcoming return to WWE is a result of his movie career not taking off as he had hoped.

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