— Chris Jericho tweeted on Thursday that he got three staples in the back of his head as a result of his match with CM Punk last night in Milan, Italy.

— It appears that the 5/24 live event from Rio De Janeiro might be cancelled, as the show is no longer listed on WWE’s touring schedule. The 5/23 show in Sao Paulo, Brazil is still listed.

— This week’s NXT show featured a glaring error. At one point during the show, William Regal handcuffed Johnny Curtis’s left hand to Maxine’s right hand at ringside. Later in the show, Curtis and Maxine are shown still handcuffed together – but this time, Curtis’s right hand was handcuffed to Maxine’s right hand. Oops.

* PICTURES of Johnny Curtis & Maxine’s Handcuff Error

(Partial Source: Devin Cutting, PWinsider.com)

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