Source: Wrestling Observer

According to Dave Meltzer, the latest update on the Brock Lesnar situation is that he will most likely sign an exclusive deal with Ultimate Fighting Championship.

Although Kurt Angle is trying to broker a deal between Lesnar and Total Nonstop Action Wrestling, TNA management has come to terms with the fact that it’s a long shot. TNA would have bent over backwards to bring Lesnar in – including giving him extensive time off to pursue his top priority, mixed martial arts.

UFC President Dana White has been very public with his claims that Lesnar is “guaranteed” to fight for UFC in 2008.

Lesnar even contacted WWE somewhat recently and pitched a scenario where he would work a very reduced schedule, much like Mick Foley’s current deal. Vince McMahon wanted no part of Lesnar’s offer and shot it down immediately. NEW Hiphop News Site – 50 Cent & Jay-Z to Square Off in a “Battle” Concert – FULL DETAILS!

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