Brock Lesnar is currently not under WWE contract.

Dave Meltzer has confirmed that Lesnar is not under a WWE deal. His last contract ended at WrestleMania 36. That is the last time he appeared on WWE television, losing the WWE championship to Drew McIntyre.

PWInsider were the first to report that Lesnar was a free agent. The site reported that while the sides have been working on a new deal, those negotiations have hit an impasse and they have paused negotiations. 

Meltzer noted that Lesnar usually takes his time re-signing with the company. WWE, however, is in no hurry as they do not currently have anything for him until they are able to do larger-scale shows. 

It was also noted that Lesnar’s merchandise deal with the company has just expired. As a result, all of Lesnar’s merchandise has been removed from WWE’s website.

Lesnar’s profile is still under the active Raw roster page.

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