British news outlet The Mirror has published an article on WWE Champion CM Punk’s “chilling response” to a British fan who disagreed with his views on gay marriage on Monday.

Expressing his disapproval with Amendment 1 Monday morning on Twitter, Punk wrote a message in support of gay marriage being legalized in the state of North Carolina. A Twitter user hailing from Walsall disagreed, writing to the WWE Superstar, “Man was meant for woman, and even the thought of homo’s make me sick.”

Punk posted the message and then wrote “Kill yourself. He also advised another fan who disagreed with him to “drink bleach.”

The newspaper also acknowledged WWE’s affiliation with The Creative Coalition to promote the anti-bullying campaign ‘be a STAR,’ which Punk has represented.

Responding to a user that told Punk to ‘be a STAR’ after telling the British fan to kill himself, he wrote, “hey moron, don’t try to hide behind the be a star campaign. I am a star. I’m fighting bigots here. Zero tolerance.”

The Mirror says his beliefs contrast a homophobic slur he hurled at a fan last July at a WWE live event in Adelaide, Australia. Enclosed in the article is footage of Punk engaging in a verbal altercation with a fan and telling him that he has a “homo” haircut.

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