Lucha Underground is one of the most unique and innovative wrestling promotions in the world as their production value has a touch of Hollywood in it. Aside from their cinematic like production value, their performers, though similar to some in other indie promotions, have a different presentation and skill set that makes them on a level higher than any other performer in the indie scene. Also, Lucha Underground takes place in a place called “The Temple,” which even adds more mystique and secrets to this promotion than any other promotion in the world. 
It is said that the behind-the-scenes secrets of Lucha Underground are rarely divulged and that pretty much everyone who steps into “The Temple” has to sign a confidentiality agreement, which makes any behind-the-scenes footage even rarer.
Marty “The Moth” Martinez recently put up a video with several behind-the-scenes snippets he was able to capture on his cell phone. You can see some interesting things such as Jeff Cobb holding the Matanza Cueto mask. There are even big circles around Cobb’s eyes to blackout any skin showing under the mask, but he remains casual backstage as he jokes with the boys.

This behind-the-scenes footage also focuses on Martinez’s parent’s LA visit at first, but there are other Lucha Underground stars later on as Martinez takes a trip to “The Temple.” During a photoshoot for Sammy Guevara, Johnny Mundo is spotted while Guevara’s own YouTube channel is shooting a vlog. Mundo then points out the fact that he is on two YouTube channels at the same time, then Guevara hijacks Martinez’s vlog for a bit.
Martinez then jokes with referee Marty Elias and then we get a tour of The Temple’s layout. It’s a rare behind-the-scenes look of Lucha Underground and gives fans an idea of the atmosphere before “The Temple” is packed with fans. You can check out the behind-the-scenes footage below:

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