– Alberto Del Rio squashing Sin Cara so decisively on RAW has many wondering about Cara’s standing with the company. After recently being repackaged with a new look and scoring a series of television wins, getting destroyed on RAW is not a good sign regarding where WWE views him on the roster hierarchy.

– A new DVD documentary about ECW is in the final stages of production, according to PWInsider.com. The documentary will feature interviews with ECW wrestlers, fans and personalities dating back to 2001 (when ECW shut down) and will look at the events that have transpired in the decade following ECW’s demise.

– Wade Barrett is finally healthy and ready to return to action. Barrett was scheduled for a huge push before undergoing surgery for dislocated his elbow back in March and is expected to get that push once WWE comes up with a storyline to bring him back to television. Back then, it was rumored that WWE wanted Barrett to win Money in the Bank and challenge for the World Heavyweight title, but he’d have to return to action on tonight’s live SmackDown in order to qualify.

* Storyline Plans For AJ & Surprises On RAW’s 1,000th Episode Celebration

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