— The Ultimate Warrior has updated his blog with a post titled, “18,543 days,” where he talks about turning 50 years old last week.

I didn’t know living to be 50 was such a big deal — or something to be despised or ridiculed. Of course, not many former WWF, or even today’s WWE, wrestlers hang around alive long enough to celebrate their 50th birthday.

I always thought, though, that the mindless misfits and useful idiots charged with commentating on the industry could at least have started and continued that whole posthumous birthday homage media and entertainment pay to all their dead criminal heroes and OD’ed drug addicts.

To read the entire post, visit UltimateWarrior.com.

— With the “Donld Trump buys Raw” storyline in full force this week, word has come out that Vince McMahon has wanted to do a similar storyline in the past. According to ProWrestling.net, the reason Vince never went through with such a storyline until last week was that WWE officials feared such a storyline would have a negative impact on WWE stock. Their fears were realized last week after WWE stock took a serious hit the day after the Trump announcement. There was such confusion among shareholders after WWE & USA issued a press release announcing the sale on Tuesday that the USA Network issued a follow-up press release later in the week admitting the “sale” was simply a storyline. WWE stock closed today at $12.24 a share, the lowest it’s been all month.

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