After Treasury Secretary Steve Mnuchin on Tuesday missed yet another deadline to turn over President Donald Trump’s tax returns and signaled he has no intention of willingly giving Congress the documents, progressive advocacy groups urged Democrats to try to force the White House’s hand with a subpoena or a possible contempt charge.

“Neal was stymied by Trump’s bogeymen who are attempting to prevent Congress from conducting effective oversight of President Trump and his administration.”
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Tax March and Stand Up America applauded House Ways and Means Chairman Richard Neal (D-Mass.) for working to obtain the president’s tax returns, but said he must go further in the face of the Trump administration’s “illegal” refusal to comply.

“He cannot let the Trump administration hide critical information that will allow both Congress and the American people to hold President Trump accountable,” the groups said in a joint statement Tuesday. “He has no choice but to subpoena the tax returns from the Treasury Department and force the IRS to comply with his request.”

“If this stonewalling continues,” the statement continued, “House Democrats should look into holding Secretary Mnuchin in contempt of Congress.”

The organizations’ call came after Mnuchin sent a letter (pdf) to Neal Tuesday announcing that the Treasury Department—which oversees the IRS—would miss House Democrats’ April 23 deadline. Mnuchin also missed Democrats’ original deadline of April 10.