— In addition to Salinas’ profile being removed from the TNA website due to her departure from the organization, they have also removed the profile of the injured Mickie “Moose” Knuckles. Knuckles was never actually signed to a TNA contract, although she was about to sign one before her untimely injury. It’s been indicated that TNA will bring her back once she’s healed. On July 6, Knuckles broke her femur in her right leg after a botched attempt to dive off a platform onto Sara Del Rey during the main event at the IWA Mid-South Summertime Black & Blues indy show in Joliet, Illinois. The rest of the match was canceled following the injury. Mickie underwent surgery the next day and is expected to miss six months of in-ring action.

— Recently departed TNA Knockout Shelly “Salinas” Martinez has posted a blog on her MySpace page praising LAX:

LAX por vida!!

I have posted a video clip that means a lot to me right now on my page under the “general” section. Mi familia means the most to me, without them I would be who I am today. Through thick and thin and the end of the day it comes down to familia. Sometimes your homies become your familia and you would do anything for them and always have their back and they in return will always have yours. In conclusion LAX is part of my familia for life. LAX is the new Vatos Locos!! Vatos Locos forever!! As Ice T put it, “My game aint knowledge my games fear, I have no remorse so squares BEWARE!!”

Shelly 5150

She also wrote on the title of her page: “TNA is not LAX…LAX is Shelly, Homicide & Hernandez por vida..”

— The Bound for Glory commercials currently running on Impact were actually filmed in the backlot of Universal Studios Orlando, not Chicago, reports PWInsider.com.

Click here for a *HUGE* Impact spoiler for tonight

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