Aliveshoes launches an online catalogue to purchase shoes featuring art installations. The ongoing project that mixes art and fashion is opening its online catalogue where shoes may be purchased. The e-boutique features art installations, created by artists from around the world that use Aliveshoes as a medium. New York City-based, Steven Siegel’s “Beach Blocks” will be the first installation to go on sale. The current catalogue also includes Sebastiano Mauri’s “Pied a Terre” and Francesco Arena’s “Through the Glass.” Additional installations from artists Jonathan Allen (USA), Susanne Neumann (Germany) and Gabriele de Santis (Italy), will make their way into the catalogue in the coming weeks.

Each pair of Aliveshoes is created with environmentally friendly materials and processes. The manufacturing follows the Italian shoemaking tradition with an eye to materials, detail, quality and aesthetics. The base price for a pair of shoes is €150. An additional “Alive Value” can be added to the base price at the consumer’s discretion. This amount is a contribution to the global economy through charitable giving to non-profit & cultural organizations. Part of the “Alive Value” also goes back to the project itself to support the creation of future art installations.

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Aliveshoes is a project that crosses the boundary between contemporary art and fashion. The project aims to bring together the worlds of arts, fashion and sustainability. Business Revolution 2.0 owns Aliveshoes.

Image: Aliveshoes

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