The following are highlights of a recent interview with Alberto Del Rio:

On carrying the legacy of his wrestling family: “It’s a big responsibility to carry on this tradition of wrestling in my family. I had great people showing me, teaching me, and now I’m in the WWE.”

On fans cheering him over Batista: “That night, I was the favorite for all of them. That wasn’t the plan for the self-declared ‘bad guy’ of the movie. I was doing everything to get a boo from the crowd. I was destroying Batista that night, kicking and punching him, taking him to the limit, but the WWE universe cheers who they like.”

On not being a typical Mexican high-flying type wrestler: “When I came to the WWE, I remember people saying ‘Alberto is the biggest Mexican we’ve ever seen.’ As long as the Latin audience keeps supporting the WWE, the WWE will support the Latin audience.”

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