Al Snow recently did an interview with Real Sports 101 where he discussed a myriad of pro wrestling topics. When Snow was asked who in WWE he thinks is underrated, he said not a single talent on the roster.

“Not one of them, and here’s why I say that. Because you have to understand, underrated means they’re not given an opportunity,” Snow said. “Every time they’re put on TV, too many wrestling fans, and I understand because they don’t understand, but wrestlers are a product. Okay, they are peanut butter. They’re a car. They’re a hair dryer. They’re a toaster. In order to sell these products, you have to have a commercial, correct? So, you’ve gotta buy television time because you want to advertise your product. You want to build your brand. Thirty seconds of television time in WWE, I don’t know now what it is, but I know at one time it was $50,000 for thirty seconds. I know that in TNA it’s still $50,000 for thirty seconds of television time”

“So, I give you six minutes of television time. I’ve just invested $600,000 just in television time. Now whether you win or lose, how did I not value you and appreciate you by giving you that six minutes of television time and underutilized you? You’re on TV. There’s no way that I can undervalue you or underutilize you. There’s no way, because I just invested $600,000 of my television time for you to perform whatever business I needed performed. Whether you win or lose doesn’t matter. What matters is that I’ve now risked that amount of money. I’m not gonna just risk it in anybody, so you’re not underutilized”

You can check out the full interview with the former WWE Hardcore Champion here.

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