Cassandra Leppan, the wife of the indefinitely suspended Ray “Adam Rose” Leppan, was in Florida court Thursday morning asking a judge for leniency regarding her husband after his post-midnight arrest on Wednesday morning.

He faces battery and tampering with a witness charges.

The judge talked about invoking a restraining order against Ray, barring him from any contact with her. She begged the judge not to do so because she wants him back home, noting that they have a special needs child who needs both parents.

According to, Ray’s lawyer argued that his physical actions were more passionate than violent. However, the judge noted a previous domestic violence incident that didn’t get any media play in March, noting a pattern. In the end, the judge allowed Ray to return home. Bond was set for $1000, virtually ensuring Rose will be out by day’s end.

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Ray was ordered to get counseling from his pastor once a week until the next court date.